Your World With Neil Cavuto 11/8/18 Fox News Today November 8, 2018


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12 thoughts on “Your World With Neil Cavuto 11/8/18 Fox News Today November 8, 2018

  1. LISTE UP LIBTURDS – Those of us who don't have our head up satan's butt have been watching this since 2016 – The demoncraps attack Our President – demoncraps lose – Wipe the crap from your eyes so you don't miss the show!!

  2. "someone who is mentally ill got a hold of a firearm".. So now PTSD (a great number of our veterans are diagnosed with this )… A gun grab for soldiers.
    This guy has an obvious political bias

  3. That place brings in groups of people and that man must have been picked on and or someone must have pissed him off recently and he was looking to get even with them and that's what he did.
    Some of my friends would go there and there's alot of locals who hangout there and if u don't know anyone there , most of the time fights happen

  4. So who did this Isis wanted George soros's lackeys the religion of peace which one is it illegal immigrant or is it just a white guy which one is it this time I'm going for the religion of peace I'm going to have to bet $500 on Muslims or a toss-up between a legal immigrant but it's a Muslim who did it

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